it’s open.


and my tired ass is going to bed :)

what’s Awesome about MY store is you can purchase ebooks in other formats … you’re not just stuck with Amazon (where, if you don’t have a Kindle, you’re kinda screwed..)


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  1. Florie says:

    Hello :) I was trying to access your bookstore and it kept bringing me to this page. Where do I get your books in other formats. I have a local ebookreader make and can’t read kindle format on it.. Thank you :)

    • Eden says:

      Sorry, I took that page down since the files weren’t updated…
      If you go to Smashwords, ‘Abandoned’ is free there and it’s in all formats :)
      I’m on my phone so I don’t have the exact link but if you search for Eden Tyler, it should be the first book that comes up!

      Thanks so much for your interest!!

  2. Floryie says:

    Oh thanks :) . I have downloaded it.. I am always interested in new authors ( to me anyway ) :D ..

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